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Data and Security

Your data and your clients' privacy is a vital part of every successful business-client relationship:

  • We do not manually access your data files.
  • We do not see your cardholder’s information.
  • We do not store your cardholder's data and we do not save it.


Each eCred card is triple encrypted, and can only be opened and used by the holder of the phone to which it is sent.

The application re-encrypts and then un-encrypts each card each time it’s opened.

There are 5 levels of security available to you as the card issuer.

Lost phone?

The eCred website has a function to cancel cards and re-issue them. This makes it easier for cardholders to access and maintain their memberships, cancel cards in the case of a stolen or lost phone and apply for cards they don’t currently have.

This is a re-direction service, and is subject to each card issuer’s terms and conditions.

Again, eCred does not store any customer information.