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Gift Cards

Gift Cards provide a pre-purchased “token” representing a monetary or product value redeemable for products or services (or cash) either at a physical store or online.

Traditionally, as the name implies, Gift Cards are purchased for a third party as a gift.

For the sake of clarity, for all of this section, we refer to the parties involved in the Gift Card Processes as:

  • The Gift Card Purchaser (“Card Purchaser”) purchases the Gift Card.
  • The Gift Card Recipient (“Card Recipient”) receives the Gift Card purchased by the Purchaser.
  • The Gift Card Provider (“Client”) sells the Gift Card to the Purchaser, either directly or indirectly, and the Purchaser redeems the Gift Card with the Client.
  • A Gift Card Sales Agent (“Agent”) sells the Gift Card to the Purchaser on behalf of Client.

As with physical Gift Cards, eCred Virtual Gift Cards have 3 separate process flows.

  • the first involves the purchase of the Gift Card;
  • the second involves the redemption of the Gift Card at a store; and
  • the third only applies to multi-use or reloadable Gift Cards. This is the process whereby a card is reloaded or topped up with additional stored value.

SMS Notification & one-time secure code

With all Gift Card Purchase options, the SMS notifying the Card Recipient that a Gift Card is available for download also includes a one time secure code.

The Gift Card can only be activated with the use of  this one time secure code. The Gift Card can only be decrypted with a combination of the personal information entered into the eCred App configuration and the one time secure code sent (by SMS) to the recipient’s mobile phone number as entered by the purchaser.