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  • Loyalty card programs for cafes and restaurants
  • Membership cards and offers for social clubs
  • Send special offers to your valued clients to reward their custom
  • Share gift cards with friends
  • Membership and push offers for sporting clubs

eCred: an exciting new development in smart phone technology.

The world keeps on moving forward with smart phones.

Think about it: lots of people don't wear a watch anymore. Gone are the old style street directories and the need to carry a notepad or diary. They've all been replaced with smart phones and mobile devices.

Pretty soon you'll say good-bye to carrying your wallet or purse that's packed with plastic cards. All your cards will simply be on your smart phone. It's undeniably the next simple step for smart phone technology.

Virtual Cards Australia distributes the smart phone eCred app for businesses and consumers that understand the need to keep up with our new mobile device world.


The eCred virtual wallet keeps all those plastic loyalty, membership and gift cards in one convenient location - your smart phone.

The businesses you love can discreetly send you brilliant offers to save you money. (No annoying text messages at inconvenient times.) And there's no problem if you lose your phone.

Best of all, eCred is free to download and use!


eCred allows businesses an exciting new form of direct marketing and cross marketing opportunities.

The technology is secure, convenient, easy to use and affordable for any size business.




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