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Loyalty cards

Loyalty Cards and programs bring customers back to your business.

Loyalty programmes may be linked to a rewards scheme, or a card may deliver discounts each time it is presented.

Many businesses already use loyalty cards which clog up people's wallets/purses. eCredible allows people to have carry all their cards at the same time and store them in one convenient location.

In general, Loyalty Cards may be shared between people without causing the Loyalty Card issuer financial loss.


How eCred facilitates Loyalty Programs

1. Single Card Creation via the eCred Web Portal

In this instance, an employee (or other authorised party) of Client logs into a secured web page and enters data manually into a form to create the card for distribution. Processes: How the Loyalty/Membership Card works.

2. Batch upload of many cards via the eCred Web Portal

In this instance, Client generates a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file in a format specified by eCred containing the data required to create the cards using batch upload.

The employee (or other authorised party) of Client logs into a secured web page and uploads the CSV file. A one-time secure code is then emailed to Client's email address (specified in Schedule 1). Once the secure code has been entered into the eCred Web Portal, the file is processed and all the card data included in the batch processing file is used to create the cards, install the necessary links in the eCred Server Database and the cards can be distributed immediately.

3. Real-time automatic card creation via integration to the eCred server

In this instance, Client computing equipment is configured to communicate directly with the eCred Server.

Each time a new card needs to be created, Client’s server sends the appropriate data to the eCred Server for the card to be added into the eCred system. This is a straightforward process and comprehensive technical specifications of this interface are available as required.