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Membership & Identity Cards

Digital Membership Cards and ID Cards are a perfect solution for sporting clubs, gyms, nightclubs, roadside assistance clubs, health funds, employee benefit programmes or any group or organisations requiring Membership ID to get benefits. In most cases, the Card Provider (your business, group or organisation) would not want your members to share their Membership Card with other people.

More secure, more environmentally-friendly and cheaper

More secure: Smart phones are often locked with a pin code. Plus, future releases of eCred will offer the ability to have another pin code on the wallet itself. Smart hackers might be able to get into yopur phone but your phone is still more secure than a lost wallet or purse which can be opened by anyone.

Environmentally-friendly: digital cards are better for the environment than a plastic card.

Cheaper: there's no manufacturing required, and if necessary they can be cancelled and/or replaced very quickly.

ID cards

ID cards are more secure Membership Cards and can have individual photo ID included. ID cards are for licences (eg Driver's Licences, Queensland 'Blue Card', Trading Licences), student cards, or for proof of age eg at nightclubs. With various levels of encryption, they are safe and can replace current plastic cards where photo ID is required.

Membership Cards versus Loyalty Cards - what's the difference?

A loyalty card does not identify the person getting a discount or offer based on them being a loyal customer. See Loyalty Cards for more information on this.

Whilst the level of security involving the delivery of Membership and Loyalty Cards differs in the eCred virtual wallet system, for all other purposes, these 2 types of Cards function identically.

Membership and Loyalty Cards can only be issued by the Card Provider (or issuing authority) meaning users cannot simply sign up online for a card.

Cost savings

Not only are digital cards a fraction of the price of plastic cards, you'll also save on labour costs, covering letters and postage required to send plastic cards.