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Push Offers - strategic and specific marketing

eCred is unique

Any business can send special offers direct to their loyal clients. Clients then choose to open and use the offer.

One of the special things about the eCred virtual wallet system is that businesses can communicate directly with their cardholders and members.  Obviously this is not possible with traditional plastic cards that just sit in the wallet or purse.

A 'push offer' is not a text message but something quite different.  Your clients and members do not receive annoying advertising text messages from you.

What is a push offer?

The client/members will not get a boring blanket text message. They see an exciting image promoting your product or service (or another business if you choose to cross-market).

This image gets 'pushed' to the eCred wallet on the client's smart phone.

Pictures speak a thousand words to your clients and your offers can be tailor-made to suit individuals or small groups of your clients. This is direct and strategic marketing.

Unlike a text message, the offer is retrieved by the eCred Virtual Wallet on demand from the Cardholder.

How do your customers know they have received an offer from you?

Once an offer as been created, uploaded and approved (by eCred – as detailed below) for distribution, the customer will notice two things;

  1. A number will appear on the corner of the eCred icon.  This number actually indicates the total combined number of new cards plus new offers waiting for them.
  2. Inside the eCred wallet a star will appear on the “Sleeve Image” of your business card.

How does a client access an offer from you?

Image: Virtual Card Offer Button

Easy. Each card in the wallet has the unique ability to access special offers via a button on the back of each virtual card.  Simply push the button and the offer is displayed.

In fact, each eCred card has 3 live buttons on the back.  Most commonly these buttons link to Push Offers, Gift Cards and a Link to your business website.  But depending on your business, the push buttons might be for other things like 'ticketing' or 'geo-location'. The card can be easily tailored for your needs.

Offers keep the wallet "alive" and keep your brand in their mind.

Unlike a traditional wallet, clients now have a 'live' digital wallet or purse.  Your offers can be updated regularly and each time the cardholder accesses the wallet they see your branding and offers.

How do businesses create and send an offer?

All this is included in the user manual but it's an simple process:

Just come up with a great offer, create the offer as per the specs and then send it via personal secure eCred portal. Once approved by eCred, your offer is then made available to your cardholders.

Can I market directly to a specific demographic - or just part of my database?

If your database can filter a specific list of clients, you can send an offer just those clients.

So, you might like to send an offer specifically for males or specifically for females. Or you might send an offer just to people living in a particular postcode range. Or you might send an offer to people who have previously purchased a product from you.