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eCred for business

eCred Virtual Wallet Key Benefits

  • Super fast delivery and distribution of cards
  • Communicate directly with customers via their Smartphone
  • Economical fixed cost for delivery and distribution regardless of cardholder’s location
  • Easy redemption
  • Additional sales channel for gift cards
  • Environmentally-friendly card distribution
  • Access to the Smartphone platform and app market with no app development cost
  • Change offers and card designs on the fly, to match your current, seasonal or reactional campaigns
  • Increased reach to new members and customers through the eCred Virtual Wallet sign up for new cards
  • Automatically expire client cards so they provide you with up-to-date contact information for your database
  • Deliver key information to cards such as geo-location or demographic based specials
  • Market to cardholders directly and instantly
  • Gift Card Holders can instantly purchase additional gift cards following redemption for themselves or another person