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Frequently Asked Questions for business

Where can I find informations for end users of the eCredible application?

Visit the consumers' section for this information.

Is there any special consideration for Not For Profit (NFP) organisations and associations?

Yes. Please contact our staff for more information on how we can assist NFP groups.

How much are the cards?

Being digital, the cards are much much cheaper than plastic cards. They are also much more environmentally friendly.

To give you an idea, membership cards are around 20 cents each. Cards with photo ID are around 50 cents each. 

Push offers are around 9 cents for smaller pushes but a fraction of a cent each for large pushes.

What type of cards can eCred offer?

Membership cards, Loyalty cards, Gift cards, Photo ID cards. eCred can also provide event ticketing direct to mobile phones.

What if my clients do not have a smart phone?

Without a smart phone customers are unable to take advantage of many of the eCred benefits. However about 85% of all new handsets are smartphones and Australians are leading the way in the adoption of smart phone technology.

According to Telstra's 2012 annual report, almost 50% of Australians are using smart phones. That's an increase from 31% a year prior.  By the end of 2012 Telstra expects 2/3 of the population to be using smart phones.  Information source -

Can I issue cards for a certain period only?

Yes. As a card provider you set an expiry date on your client's card. This alerts the client by stamping "expired" across the card.  This is a great function for organisations who have licenses or memberships etc. that need to be renewed every 12 months or 2 years.

Another great benefit is that your client database is "reverse cleansed".  That means, when a card expires the client must provide you with their latest contact information if they still want to keep a card and benefit from your offers.  If you want, you can set a much longer date of expiry

Can I scan barcodes direct from the phone?

Yes. Using a CCD scanner, you can easily scan barcodes into your existing systems.