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User FAQs

Questions asked by cardholders

I seem to have a few issues with the app.  How can I get more answers?

Visit our card holder troubleshooting page

Where can I get more information about how eCredible can help my business?

Use the links in the side menu, under eCred for business.

What's the number on the eCred icon?

The number on the eCred icon on your phone is the total number of non-downloaded cards + number of un-viewed offers. 

There's no white star on my virtual wallet.  What's that mean?

No white star means there are no cards or offers are pending.  If you think a card should be waiting for you, contact the business you dealt with and ask them to check your details (phone number etc).

What if I lose my phone?

You can download most virtual cards directly from your phone backup. Or you can contact your card providers (we'll have all their contact details for you) and ask them to re-issue your card/s.  Being digital, businesses can make this happen in a few seconds.  With plastic cards, you're normally kept waiting 7 - 10 business days.

My card says 'expired'. What's that about?

Each card provider can set an expiry date on your card. When it says expired it is simply time to renew your card online yourself (go to sign-up for new cards) or contact the card provider and ask them to renew your details and your card.  This can happen instantly.